• Publication: Guidance to the Chemicals in Products (CiP) Programme for NGOs 10.11.2019 - HEJSupport International coauthored "The Guidance to the Chemicals in Products Programme for non-governmental organizations". The Guidance explains the role NGOs should play in the implementation of the Programme which is the only international instrument that provides different options for disclosing information on hazardous chemicals in products. ... Read More
  • All you need to know about SAICM IP3 meeting 16.10.2019 - Read the HEJSupport summary report of the meeting in Bangkok to learn about what happened at IP3 and where we are in the development of a new international framework on chemicals and health. ... Read More
  • Event: How to progress SAICM Issues of Concern beyond 2020 02.10.2019 - At the SAICM Intersessional Meeting, HEJSupport together with a number of NGOs invited delegates to discuss criteria for Issues of Concern and how to move them forward if they have not achieved their goals. ... Read More
  • Side event at SAICM IP3 30.09.2019 - We are happy to announce our side event on the New Mechanism of Action: How to progress SAICM Issues of Concern beyond 2020. It is taking place Tuesday, October 1 during lunch time (13.15-14.30), conference room MR-C+D. ... Read More
  • SAICM needs a new mechanism for action 18.09.2019 - A group of NGOs, including HEJSupport, submitted a proposal to the SAICM Secretariat for the next IP meeting, taking place in October 2019 Bangkok. The NGOs present in their paper a new mechanism of action and criteria for elevation of obligations to progress SAICM Issues of Concerns (IoCs) in the post 2020 multilateral regime for… ... Read More
  • Webinar “SAICM für Einsteiger” 06.09.2019 - Jetzt anmelden! PAN-Webinar "SAICM für Einsteiger", PAN Germany lädt ein zum Webinar: Ein internationaler Rahmen für eine giftfreie Zukunft – SAICM für Einsteiger, in Kooperation mit HEJSupport und WECF. Es findet statt am 16.09.2019 von 15:00 – 17:00 Uhr. ... Read More
  • NGO Submission to SAICM Secretariat 27.06.2019 - HEJSupport and 10 more NGOs from 6 countries prepared a submission to SAICM Secretariat based on two questions. ... Read More
  • HEJSupport at SAICM OEWG3 04.04.2019 - HEJSupport directors participate in the Open Ended Working Group of SAICM, which is taking place from April 2-4 in Montevideo, Uruguay. The meeting discusses a future framwork for international chemical management. ... Read More
  • HEJSupport stands for all women and girls globally to achieve gender equality, environmental and health justice 08.03.2019 - This International Women’s Day HEJSupport calls on people around the world to show support and commitment to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG5) to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. ... Read More
  • Protecting the Health of Women, Children and Future Generations 05.11.2018 - HEJSupport Co-Director Olga Speranskaya co-authored an article, in her capacity as IPEN senior advisor, as guest blog. Protecting the Health of Women, Children, and Future Generations – Gender & Chemicals by Pam Miller (1), Olga Speranskaya (2), Joe DiGangi (3) A safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment is a human right. Exposure to hazardous substances… ... Read More

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