Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) are a „global threat“, according to WHO. They can alter the hormone system and are linked to various diseases such as breast cancer, testicular cancer, infertility, reproductive disorders, obesity, diabetes, neurological disorders. Especially pregnant women and the fetus are most affected by EDCs. EDCs are everywhere, as pesticides residues in the food we eat and in most of the products we use everyday. HEJSupport advocates for EDC-free products and food. HEJSupport is the co-chair of the IPEN EDC working group, and active member of the EU NGO coalition EDC-free Europe.

  • New EU Communication on endocrine disruptors lacks concrete measures to reduce harmful exposures 07.11.2018 - In a move that is long overdue, the EU Commission published today the EU Communication on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). However it lacks specific measures and timelines on how people and the environment can be better protected from these harmful chemicals.
  • EU Roadmap on EDCs does not emphasize exposure reduction 18.07.2018 - HEJSupport responds to the EU Roadmap for the EU Communication on EDCs. One of the main problems is that the roadmap does not emphasize on exposure reduction, although this was a main objective in the 7th Environment Action Plan in 2013. Still the EU Commission is not coming up with an ambitious EDC strategy.
  • EU pesticides committee votes for flawed EDC criteria 04.07.2017 - PRESS RELEASE - EDC-free Coalition - Today, representatives of European member states from the EU pesticides committee adopted the flawed criteria that are supposed to be used to identify endocrine disrupting chemicals (or EDCs) in the future.
  • Further delay on EDC criteria maintains risks on health and environment 19.05.2017 - EDC-Free coalition – Press Release Brussels, 18 May 2017 – The criteria to identify hormone disrupting chemicals (or EDCs), for which a decision was expected today, continue to cause disagreements among EU member states. The EDC-Free coalition urges the European Commission and member states to amend the proposal to ensure that people and the environment ... Read More

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Written by Heinrich Blank

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