Welche Rolle spielt die Textilindustrie bei der Verschmutzung von Flüssen?

HEJSupport hat im letzten Rundbrief des Forums Umwelt und Entwicklung einen Artikel zum Thema Textilien und Flüsse veröffentlicht. Die globale Tex- tilindustrie ist eine der größten VerschmutzerInnen von Flüssen weltweit.

Canada’s Strategy on Zero Waste Plastic

November 28, 2018 – A national Strategy on Zero Plastic Waste was presented jointly by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and Health Canada (HC) at a multistakeholder workshop on Canadian chemicals management plan in Ottawa. The vision of the Strategy is to keep all plastics in the economy.

New EU Communication on endocrine disruptors lacks concrete measures to reduce harmful exposures

In a move that is long overdue, the EU Commission published today the EU Communication on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). However it lacks specific measures and timelines on how people and the environment can be better protected from these harmful chemicals.

HEJSupport joins Citizens for Science in EU Pesticide Regulation

HEJSupport joins the Citizens for Science in Pesticide Regulation. More than 100 NGOs and experts published a manifesto demanding a better pesticides regulation.

Fighting global plastic pollution: What difference can women make?

It is important to change corporate behavior, including highlighting better alternatives for personal hygienic products. The multi-billion-dollar industry that manufactures feminine and other hygienic products, profits from the dominance of disposable products. In many countries, both in developing and developed ones, the feminine hygiene industry has successfully convinced women that their period is something which should be kept hidden and related hygienic products should be quickly disposed of.

Fragrance chemicals harm human health – consumer should know about them

Dozens sometimes even hundreds of chemicals can hide in beauty and personal care products that contain fragrance. HEJSuport joins Breast Cancer Prevention Partners and many more environmental and health organizations worldwide and calls for full fragrance ingredient disclosure so consumers can make safer, more informed purchases.

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