FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTS: Why you do not need to be silent

It is assumed that personal care products are designed not only to simplify the life of a modern woman, but also to protect them against external pollution, hinder the development of bacteria, and generally stand guard over women’s health. However, in practice this is far from the case.

Will women waste pickers benefit from a new UN deal on plastic waste trade?

The growing levels of plastic litter impacts the life of local communities by putting the biodiversity, ecosystems, fisheries, tourism and people’s health at risk, with women and children affected the most.

Open Online Course on Gender and Environment

Gender equality is a basic human rights and development issue as underlined in a number of international and regional human rights instruments. The course will help you better understand the global international frameworks related to gender and environment, including the link between gender, biodiversity, climate change, land degradation, international waters, and chemicals and waste.

It is time to end toxic recycling: Canada global position to abandon recycling exemption needed for a safe circular economy

Health and Environment Justice Support (HEJSupport) and Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) have appealed to Environment and Climate Change Canada with a call to withdraw Canada’s recycling exemptions for well used for flame retardancy – TetraBDE, PentaBDE, HexaBDE and HeptaBDE- also known collectively as polybrominated diphenylethers (PBDEs) persistent organic pollutants (POPs) listed under the Stockholm Convention. Both organisations require Canada to make this decision at the next Conference of Parities to the Convention that is open in Geneva on April 29. The Canadian position to eliminate the exemption for recycling is still unknown at this time.

Plastic and Toxic Free Period

HEJSupport is happy to announce a new project on toxic chemicals, health, and plastic pollution. The project entitled “Plastic and Toxic Free Period” is supported by Funding for Social Change Ltd and is part of a broad initiative on plastic and toxic free disposable and reusable menstrual products involving Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE), Women’s Environmental Network (WEN), Environmenstrual Coalition and many others.

Withdrawing the Stockholm Convention recycling exemptions for TetraBDE, PentaBDE, HexaBDE and HeptaBDE

HEJSupport, Arnika, IPEN, EEB, HEAL, CIEL, WECF, Ecologistas en Action wrote a letter to Mr. Juergen Helbig, the European Commission with the request to withdraw EU’s recycling exemptions under the Stockholm Convention for materials such as plastics and foam containing the persistent organic pollutants used as flame retardant chemicals.

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