Letter from HEJSupport and CELA to Canadian government/Focal points of the Stockholm Convention: Withdrawing the Stockholm Convention recycling exemptions for TetraBDE, PentaBDE, HexaBDE and HeptaBDE

Canadian consumers should be able to purchase products made of recycled materials without having to worry that they contain substances that are globally banned.

Toxic Chemicals Found in Canadian Toys & Consumer Products Made of Recycled Plastics

HEJSupport, IPEN, CELA, Arnika urge immediate action by Canada to withdraw recycling exemption for toxic flame retardants under the Stockholm Convention


HEJSupport directors participate in the Open Ended Working Group of SAICM, which is taking place from April 2-4 in Montevideo, Uruguay. The meeting discusses a future framwork for international chemical management.

How we’re engaging with you: NGOs discuss different engagement approaches with government of Canada

HEJSupport participated in the meeting with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), Health Canada (HC) and Canadian environmental and health NGOs to discuss elements proposed for enhanced NGO engagement.

What conventional stores tell you about feminine hygiene products?

HEJSupport published a new fact sheet based on the findings of a small survey among women in Canada. We asked them about their purchase patters when buying feminine hygiene products.

IPEN film honors women in the network, including HEJSupport directors

HEjSupport is proud that its co-directors are among the women to be featured in the IPEN film honoring women working for a toxic free future.

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