NGO submissions to SAICM Virtual Working Groups

NGO submissions to SAICM Virtual Working Groups


A group of NGOs, coordinated by HEJSupport, SSNC, and PAN International submitted comments to the compilation text of recommendations from the outcome of IP3 regarding SAICM (SAICM/IP.4/2).

Comments were prepared at the request of cofacilitators of SAICM Virtual Working Groups (VWG) on governance and mechanisms to support implementation, on Issues of Concern, and on Objectives and Targets We also submitted input to the High Level Declaration, which should be adopted at ICCM5.

Electronic inputs were provided on the relevant sections, identified paragraphs, proposals, or questions related to the existing compilation text of recommendations.

We submitted the following documents to the SAICM Secretariat.

Virtual Working Group 1 on Objectives and Targets

Virtual Working Group 2 on Governance and Mechanisms to Support Implementation

Virtual Working Group 3 on Issues of Concern

The outcomes of the VWG on Issues of Concern is summarized in the article by IISD.

High Level Declaration Drafting Group

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Written by Alexandra Caterbow