About us
About us
Health and Environment Justice Support aims to achieve a healthy environment and environmental justice for affected people.

It provides long term technical, policy and awareness raising support for active communities deprived of justice to enable them to make their problems heard and to strive for solutions. HEJSupport works at the policy level to achieve a healthy environment and environmental justice globally. HEJSupport is a membership based organisation.
Members of the board are:

Alexandra Caterbow


Olga Speranskaya


We are very happy to be supported by our Advisory Board:

David Azoulay, CIEL
Manny Calonzo, GAIA
Sonja Haider, ChemSec
Yuyun Ismawati, Balifokus

Bank information:
IBAN: DE11 7009 1500 0000 2452 40
Bank: Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Dachau eG

HEJSupport is registered as non-profit organisation "Health and Environment Justice Support e.v." in Germany.
Register number VR 206448


HEJSupport is registered in the EU transaparency register.
ID 282761121111-78

HEJSupport is a participating organisation of IPEN, and a member of the EEB and HEAL.


German Office:
Von-Ruckteschell-Weg 16
85221 DAH

Canadian Office:
Ottawa ON K2H 7C3