Mehr als erwartet, weniger als notwendig – Globale Vereinbarung liefert keinen ausreichenden Schutz vor Chemikalien
Основные решения пятой сессии Международной конференции по регулированию химических веществ
Critical decisions made at the fifth session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management
4Oct Featured
Comments on the zero draft High-Level Declaration from A Group of NGOs
25Sep Featured
Встреча НПО ВЕКЦА для обсуждения перспектив нового международного инструмента по химическим веществам и отходам
Comments on the Non-paper on Strategic Objectives and Targets for the fourth meeting of the intersessional process of the beyond 2020 instrument on chemicals and waste
4Sep Featured
Assessment of Effectiveness of Issue of Concern Implementation to Continue Work on a Particular Issue
4Sep Featured
Information paper on Global Cross-sectoral Transparency System for ICCM5
1Sep Featured
Submission to UNEP Consultation on Issues of Concern
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NGOs erwarten ambitionierte Maßnahmen vom Berlin Forum für Chemikalien und Nachhaltigkeit
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Save the date: Civil Society Conference in Preparation for ICCM5
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NGO Input to a Possible High-Level Declaration of the Fifth International Conference on Chemicals Management
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Towards SAICM IP4.2 discussion
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A new Science Policy Panel for chemicals and waste
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The way toward a global solution to the identification of EDCs
27Sep EDCs
Key outcomes of SAICM IP4 meeting
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HEJSupport at SAICM IP4 Meeting
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Results and analysis of SAICM VWGs
Lead Paint Law Development and Implementation in the Central and Eastern European Region
Webinar: Want to know more about SAICM Beyond 2020 and NGO positions?
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New report summarizes the results of SAICM Virtual Working Groups
11May Featured
Global Minimum Transparency Standard (GMTS) for hazardous chemicals in products – a tool for the protection of human health and the environment
14Mar Chemicals in Products
The MGS Joint Global Statement for UNEA5.2
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Chemicals and waste issues at UNEA 5.2
8Feb Blog
NGO comments to the Proposal for a draft resolution to establish a Science-Policy Panel to support action on chemicals, waste and pollution
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The PFAS problem, the ‘Forever Chemicals’, is not on the public radar in Canada. But it should be.
20Nov Blog
Session on Global Minimum Transparency Standard at “Tomorrow without Toxics” Conference
19Nov Chemicals in Products
NGOs urge Canada to complete the assessment of PFAS in one year
21Jul Chemicals in Products
Environmental groups calling on Big Plastic to drop its lawsuit against Canadian government this Plastic-Free July
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13Jul Featured
Chemicals in Products Community of Practice 2021: discussion on chemicals in toys
5Jul Blog
NGO Comments on the draft of Canada’s Great Lakes Strategy for PFOS, PFOA and LC-PFCAs Risk Management
27May Blog
Global sound management of chemicals and waste: outcomes of the virtual group discussion and way forward
7Apr Blog
NGO response to the Recommendations for continuing SAICM and a preparatory process for the postponed IP4 and ICCM5
31Mar Blog
Loopholes in state control over safe handling of pesticides and agrochemicals in Russia
28Mar Blog
Highly Hazardous Pesticides in EECCA countries and agroecology
20Mar Blog
On-Line courses on SAICM in Russian
11Mar Blog
NGO Submissions on the draft High Level Declaration
19Jan Blog
NGO submissions to SAICM Virtual Working Groups
18Jan Blog
New on-line course on SAICM Issues of Concern
21Dec Blog
Discussion on key points of SAICM and the sound management of chemicals and waste beyond 2020
4Dec Featured
NGOs suggest elements for a High Level Declaration on international chemicals and waste policy
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EU Commission releases Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability
14Oct Featured
HEJSupport priorities for the EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability
22Jun Blog
Options to continue the negotiations on the Strategic Approach and sound management of chemicals and waste beyond 2020
7Jun Blog
NGO submission to UNEA5 presidency
13May Blog
Even chemicals subject to extensive regulations can become dangerous if obtained through illegal distribution
14Apr Blog
Webinar Summary “Public engagement in the development of the global chemicals and waste platform beyond 2020”
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Webinar “Public engagement in the development of the global chemicals and waste platform beyond 2020”
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Stakeholder workshop on strengthening governance for the sound management of chemicals and waste beyond 2020
18Jan Blog
Publication: Guidance to the Chemicals in Products (CiP) Programme for NGOs
10Nov Chemicals in Products
All you need to know about SAICM IP3 meeting
16Oct Featured
Event: How to progress SAICM Issues of Concern beyond 2020
2Oct Featured
Side event at SAICM IP3
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SAICM needs a new mechanism for action
18Sep Blog
Webinar “SAICM für Einsteiger”
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NGO Submission to SAICM Secretariat
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HEJSupport stands for all women and girls globally to achieve gender equality, environmental and health justice
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Protecting the Health of Women, Children and Future Generations
NGOs comment on EU paper on the future of SAICM
Deutsche NGOs kritisieren Position der Bundesregierung zu SAICM
HEJSupport International at the 2nd meeting of the Intersessional Process of SAICM (IP2)
Circular economy framework promotes recycling but fails to prevent contaminants in new products: banned toxic chemicals detected in children’s toys