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Submission to the EU Commission on EDCs in Food Contact Materials
5Mar EDCs
Joint NGO letter to MEPs to vote for toxic-free toys
5Mar EDCs
Bilanz des Textilbündnis und der Fortschrittsberichte der Unternehmen (2023)
5Mar Blog
Sign the petition for a Toxic-free Europe now!
29Feb Chemicals in Products
HEJSupport Online-Kurs über Endokrine Disruptoren (EDCs) – Jetzt anmelden!
23Jan Hormongifte in Deutschland
Germany published five-point plan on EDCs
1Dec EDCs
Mehr als erwartet, weniger als notwendig – Globale Vereinbarung liefert keinen ausreichenden Schutz vor Chemikalien
Critical decisions made at the fifth session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management
4Oct Featured
NGOs fordern Ablehnung des bayerischen Antrags zur PFAS-Regulierung
12Sep Blog
NGOs erwarten ambitionierte Maßnahmen vom Berlin Forum für Chemikalien und Nachhaltigkeit
1Sep Featured
Save the date: Civil Society Conference in Preparation for ICCM5
27Jul Featured
Chemiepolitische Mittagstalks 2023 – Giftfreie Zukunft für alle
19May Blog
Keine Verzögerung der REACH Revision
27Mar Blog
Online event: Why we need an EDC action plan in Germany
9Mar EDCs
Exit Plastik Event: Plastic in the German Circular Economy Strategy
9Mar Featured
Bilanz der Vertreter*innen der Zivilgesellschaft im Textilbündnis nach einem Jahr Ampelkoalition
31Jan Featured
Highlights of the first plastic treaty negotiations and possible solutions
6Dec Featured
NGOs are concerned about the Product Environmental Footprint methodology by the EU Commission
25Oct Textiles
EU-Kommission verschiebt REACH Revison zu Gunsten der Chemieindustrie
17Oct Featured
A new Science Policy Panel for chemicals and waste
7Oct Featured
HEJSupport at SAICM IP4 Meeting
30Aug Featured
Webinar: Want to know more about SAICM Beyond 2020 and NGO positions?
20Jun Featured
New report summarizes the results of SAICM Virtual Working Groups
11May Featured
Join our hybrid UNEA Side Event: The Global Minimum Transparency Standard for hazardous chemicals in products
24Feb Chemicals in Products
MG presentation on SPI resolution
MG presentation chem and waste resolution
Chemicals and waste issues at UNEA 5.2
8Feb Blog
Custom Styles
NGOs seek answers from ECHA on nanomaterials in products
21Jan Textiles
NGO demand EU Member States to vote on toxic chemicals with a conscience
6Dec Featured
Session on Global Minimum Transparency Standard at “Tomorrow without Toxics” Conference
19Nov Chemicals in Products
Women and Chemicals Session at the Tomorrow without Toxics Conference
18Nov Featured
Wie gut sind Unternehmen im Textilbündnis wenn es um Umwelt und Menschenrechte geht?
16Nov Featured
Toys should be fun and not toxic – Revision of the EU Toy Safety Directive
29Oct Chemicals in Products
HEJSupport als Sachverständige im Bundestag
23Jun Hormongifte in Deutschland
Out now: NGO recommendations for the EU Strategy for Sustainable Textiles
16Jun Featured
15Jun Blog
Schluss mit der Belastung durch Hormongifte
21Apr Featured
Einladung Chemiepolitische Mittagstalks
29Mar Hormongifte in Deutschland
On-Line courses on SAICM in Russian
11Mar Blog
Civil society calls upon the Commission to uphold ambition on SUP Directive
2Mar Plastics
NGO Submission to the UNEA Leadership Dialogue
19Feb Blog
EU Commission Roadmap on a sustainable textiles strategy
28Jan Featured
EU Commission commits in answer to NGO letter to end export of EU banned pesticides
19Jan Blog
NGO submissions to SAICM Virtual Working Groups
18Jan Blog
Discussion on key points of SAICM and the sound management of chemicals and waste beyond 2020
4Dec Featured
Offener Brief fordert von Umweltministerin Schulze entschiedenes Handeln gegen Plastikmüll während der EU-Ratspräsidentschaft
20Nov Plastics
Register to the Discussion on a Global Chemicals and Waste Framework
NGOs suggest elements for a High Level Declaration on international chemicals and waste policy
26Oct Featured
EU Commission releases Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability
14Oct Featured
Bundesregierung darf Chemikalienpolitik nicht auf dem Abstellgleis parken
5Oct Blog
NEW position paper on EU EDC policy
23Sep EDCs
Report OEWG-12 Basel Convention – Reduce plastic waste trade
9Sep Featured
Take Action Against J&J to Protect Women’s Health Globally
2Sep Featured
New Fact Sheet: Gender mainstreaming in chemicals and waste policies
26Aug Featured
EU Promotes Greater Global Responsibility on Plastic Waste — But Not for Internal Market!
7Jul Featured
HEJSupport priorities for the EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability
22Jun Blog
Nationaler EDC Aktionsplan Thema im Umweltausschuss des Bundestages
18Jun Hormongifte in Deutschland
Wir brauchen einen EDC Aktionsplan – NGOs senden Stellungnahme an Bundestag
16Jun Featured
PAN-Webinar: „Gesundheit geht vor! Für ein Verbot von Hormongiften“
16Jun Featured
Alles was Sie zu Hormongiften wissen müssen
16Jun Featured
Webinar Invitation Women and Mercury: new ideas how to reduce the risk for women
27May Featured
How international bodies address women and chemicals
14May Featured
NGO submission to UNEA5 presidency
13May Blog
Join our new Women and Chemicals Webinar Series
30Apr Featured
NGOs demand enabling lasting solutions to the plastic crisis for a more resilient economy
28Apr Featured
New film: 5 Tips to sustainably transform your wardrobe
15Apr Featured
New Report: Sustainable Fashion? How companies provide sustainability information to consumers
28Feb Featured
Webinar Summary “Sustainable Fashion? How companies provide sustainability information to consumers”
23Feb Featured
Webinar Summary “Public engagement in the development of the global chemicals and waste platform beyond 2020”
17Feb Featured
Webinar “Sustainable Fashion? How companies provide sustainability information to consumers”
12Feb Textiles
Register to Webinar “Sustainable Fashion? How companies provide sustainability information to consumers”
Wege aus der Plastikkrise: Forderungskatalog an die Bundesregierung
5Feb Featured
Pressemitteilung: Deutsche NGOs fordern Wege aus der Plastikkrise
5Feb Featured
HEJSupport contributed to the EU survey on EDCs
4Feb EDCs
Media Release: NGOs urge the Canadian government to stop the recycling of products with globally banned toxic flame retardants
29Jan Chemicals in Products
Webinar “Public engagement in the development of the global chemicals and waste platform beyond 2020”
28Jan Featured
Webinar “Plastic- and Toxic-free Menstruation Products”
6Dec Chemicals in Products
REACH Committee should restrict lead stabilisers in PVC
14Nov Plastics
What we need from a chemicals in products database
11Nov Chemicals in Products
Chemical safety laws are failing in the EU, NGOs warn
8Nov Blog
All you need to know about SAICM IP3 meeting
16Oct Featured
Event: How to progress SAICM Issues of Concern beyond 2020
2Oct Featured
Side event at SAICM IP3
30Sep Featured
New report out: The illegal trade in chemicals and pesticides
26Sep Blog
SAICM needs a new mechanism for action
18Sep Blog
REACH Committee should decide in favor of health and environment
16Sep Blog
Plastic and Toxic Free Period Project
9Sep Blog
9Sep Featured
Webinar “SAICM für Einsteiger”
6Sep Featured
HEJSupport submission to EU Roadmap on EDC Fitness Check
10Jul EDCs
EU Commission delays publication of chemicals fitness check outcome
24Jun Blog
Jetzt Amalgam-Verbot beschließen
7Jun Blog
Europe needs a Non-Toxic-Environment Strategy to protect us from Endocrine Disruptors
12Feb EDCs
27 NGOs urge EU member states to vote for health and environment protection
11Feb Chemicals in Products
New Article in HazMat Magazin: Recycling end-of-life materials may be perpetuating toxic chemicals in new products
9May Chemicals in Products
HEJSupport International at the 2nd meeting of the Intersessional Process of SAICM (IP2)
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Medien berichten über AMR durch Umweltverschmutzung
19Oct Blog
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