Author : Alexandra Caterbow
HEJSupport submission to EU Roadmap on EDC Fitness Check
10Jul EDCs
EU Commission delays publication of chemicals fitness check outcome
24Jun Blog
Jetzt Amalgam-Verbot beschließen
7Jun Blog
Europe needs a Non-Toxic-Environment Strategy to protect us from Endocrine Disruptors
12Feb EDCs
27 NGOs urge EU member states to vote for health and environment protection
11Feb Chemicals in Products
New Article in HazMat Magazin: Recycling end-of-life materials may be perpetuating toxic chemicals in new products
9May Chemicals in Products
HEJSupport International at the 2nd meeting of the Intersessional Process of SAICM (IP2)
19Mar Blog
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Medien berichten über AMR durch Umweltverschmutzung
19Oct Blog