Join our new Women and Chemicals Webinar Series

Join our new Women and Chemicals Webinar Series


We are happy to announce our new webinar series on women and chemicals. Learn more about the following topics and contribute to the global discussion. The dates for the webinars will be posted on our website. The outlines of the planned webinars are provided below.

Webinar: Women in textile and fashion industry
Environmental pollution is not the only threat that textile industry is accountable for. There are serious negative health and social consequences associated with textile industry where 80% of the world’s garment workers are women. Women of child bearing age are at a particular risk of developing severe health problems due to their exposure to man-made fibres. At the webinar experts will share their vision and learn from the participants on how to minimise toxic exposure and address gender inequality in textile and fashion industry.

Webinar: Women and mercury
Mercury harms women terribly. Women living and working in small gold mining communities are exposed to mercury from various sources, including mercury-contaminated food. Serious health effects result from mercury poisoning, which harms women and their children, resulting in irreversible damage and often death. Are there ways to address the issue? Our webinar will host internationally recognised experts who will share new approaches on how to minimise or reduce mercury exposure.

Webinar: Women and plastics
Plastic is everywhere and people are exposed to many plastic products every day. Many types of plastic contain harmful chemicals which cause health problems including cancer. Only a small fraction of plastic products are recycled. The rest ends up in landfills, open burning and incinerators. How do plastic products and mismanagement of plastic waste affect women? What can be done to reduce exposure to chemicals in plastic? Our webinar will open up the discussion and provide recommendations to minimise exposure.

Webinar: Women exposed to hazardous chemicals in hygienic products
This webinar informs about plastic and toxic chemicals in hygienic products, their health and environmental effects, and the availability of more sustainable, plastic and toxic free options on the market. Learn more about policy developments in different countries and what still needs to be done.

Webinar: Women and chemicals in products
Women are exposed to numerous chemicals every day. Sometimes the exposure at home could be as dangerous as the one at work. Common household cleaning products may contain harmful chemicals that lead to serious health problems including asthma and reproductive disorders. Our webinar will open up the discussion on toxic chemicals in consumer products, including information disclosure and the availability of toxic free alternatives.

Webinar: Women and pesticides
Women now account for about 43% of the total workforce in agriculture where they are increasingly exposed to pesticides with women in developing countries suffering the most. However scientific research provides a clear link between the exposure to pesticides and breast cancer, abortion, fetal death, or reproductive disorders. During the webinar internationally recognised experts will share information and provide advises on how to reduce exposure to pesticides among women working in the field.

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Written by Alexandra Caterbow