HEJSupport contributed to the EU survey on EDCs

HEJSupport contributed to the EU survey on EDCs


How is the EU doing regarding the identification and regulation of endocrine disruptors? Unfortunately, very poorly.

HEJSupport submitted its contribution to the EU survey on EDCs.

Quote from our submission

There is no full transparency about EDCs in products, which makes it impossible for consumers and also often downstream users to make informed decisions. As we are exposed to EDCs everywhere, in the products we use, the food we eat, the air we breathe, citizens have no choice and no control over their exposure and therefore are unable to control it. Therefore we urgently need strong protection (bans and phase outs, safe alternatives) by regulation and laws, as this is the only sufficient way to minimize exposure. WHO/UNEP refers to EDCs as a “global threat that needs to be resolved”. Policy makers and regulators have to act fast now, without any further delays. The burden for citizens and the environment is huge, in terms of suffering from various diseases, biodiversity loss and huge cost for the society. The best conservative estimate of health costs arising from EDC exposure is of 163 billion euros/year in Europe (Trasande et al., 2016). The Commission’s own support study on the Non-Toxic Environment highlights an annual €1.5 billion for female reproductive disorders and diseases in the EU as a result of exposure to EDCs. With current trends, those figures are expected to keep increasing until regulation is substantially improved with full implementation of the precautionary and the polluter pays principles.

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Written by Alexandra Caterbow