Reducing your environmental impact can be both fashionable and affordable

Reducing your environmental impact can be both fashionable and affordable


While embarking on the transition to an environmentally-friendly lifestyle may seem daunting at times, making small, deliberate changes to our everyday consumption practices can produce meaningful impacts. One realm where individual decisions can lead to significant change is within the fashion industry. While in recent years, consumer pressure has motivated many brands to improve their social and environmental practices, there is still room for improvement. Engaging in sustainable shopping practices and choosing environmentally-responsible brands can further progress the industry as companies begin to realize that sustainability can be good for business. There are a variety of simple solutions that exist to sustainably transform your wardrobe. Some of them are discussed in ‘Small choices to make to be a part of the sustainable fashion movement’ by Kannagi Desai for Pinkvilla, including:

  • Downsizing your closet by donating what you no longer wear – this way you will be more aware of the items you do have, and may be less likely to make unnecessary purchases
  • Participating in clothing swaps with friends and family
  • Supporting socially conscious brands with proven track records of environmental sustainability
  • If you need an item for a special occasion but will likely never wear it again, consider renting instead of buying
  • Shopping vintage and/or repurposing old clothes to give them a second life 

There is a misconception that shopping sustainably is destined to be expensive, but this list proves that reducing your environmental impact can be both fashionable and affordable. 

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Written by Olga Speranskaya