Author : Olga Speranskaya
The Importance of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Fashion Industry
11Sep Featured
No Small Issue: The Problem with Microplastics in Fashion
27Aug Featured
Ontario–Recycling is the Last Resort
24Aug Blog
Transitioning the Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste Program to Full Extended Producer Responsibility
8Aug Blog
Canada and Turkey risk being dumping ground for plastic waste
22Jul Blog
Mercury Poisoning and Youth. What Can Gen Z do to stop it? By: Veronika Podobed
6Jul Featured
Women and Mercury: new approaches to minimize mercury exposure
23Jun Featured
Options to continue the negotiations on the Strategic Approach and sound management of chemicals and waste beyond 2020
7Jun Blog
NGOs urge Canada to support other countries to stop toxic recycling
25May Blog
Cancelled or suspended orders: how COVID-19 exposes global inequality in the fashion industry
17May Featured
Looking for sustainable fashion? Here are some tips to facilitate the search
30Apr Featured
Canada responded to NGO request to stop the recycling of products with globally banned toxic flame retardants
30Apr Blog
Harmful lifecycle of textile industry
27Apr Featured
Happy Earth Day
22Apr Featured
Even chemicals subject to extensive regulations can become dangerous if obtained through illegal distribution
14Apr Blog
Reducing your environmental impact can be both fashionable and affordable
14Apr Featured
Consumer pressure must continue to ensure real industry change
6Apr Featured
NGO response to the Draft Science Assessment of Plastic Pollution
1Apr Chemicals in Products
The developing fetus can be affected by the chemicals to which the mother is exposed
26Mar EDCs
Lack of innovation in domestic recycling programs makes Canada request more time to enact ban on shipping plastic waste
20Mar Featured
Urgent need to reduce plastic pollution triggered Ottawa’s decision to declare plastic as toxic substance
15Mar Featured
To Clean Up Canada’s Recycling Act, End a Zombie Chemical Policy
5Mar Chemicals in Products
Don’t miss the deadline – Have your say on the EU legislation
2Mar EDCs
Draft Science Assessment for Plastic Pollution
26Feb Blog
Stakeholder workshop on strengthening governance for the sound management of chemicals and waste beyond 2020
18Jan Blog
NGO Comments on EU Draft PFOA Law
9Dec Blog
Ban Lead in Paints
10Oct Chemicals in Products
NGO comments to Ontario Regulations for Recycling of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and Batteries under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act (RRCEA)
27Jun Blog
NGO Submission to SAICM Secretariat
27Jun Featured
The Sustainability of Fashion: what role can consumers play?
19Jun Chemicals in Products
11Jun Blog
FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTS: Why you do not need to be silent
18May Featured
Will women waste pickers benefit from a new UN deal on plastic waste trade?
15May Featured
Open Online Course on Gender and Environment
10May Featured
It is time to end toxic recycling: Canada global position to abandon recycling exemption needed for a safe circular economy
30Apr Blog
Plastic and Toxic Free Period
26Apr Chemicals in Products
Withdrawing the Stockholm Convention recycling exemptions for TetraBDE, PentaBDE, HexaBDE and HeptaBDE
23Apr Blog
23Apr Blog
Letter from HEJSupport and CELA to Canadian government/Focal points of the Stockholm Convention: Withdrawing the Stockholm Convention recycling exemptions for TetraBDE, PentaBDE, HexaBDE and HeptaBDE
16Apr Blog
Toxic Chemicals Found in Canadian Toys & Consumer Products Made of Recycled Plastics
16Apr Blog
How we’re engaging with you: NGOs discuss different engagement approaches with government of Canada
26Mar Blog
What conventional stores tell you about feminine hygiene products?
22Mar Featured
HEJSupport stands for all women and girls globally to achieve gender equality, environmental and health justice
8Mar Featured
NGO comments on the Proposed Producer Responsibility Framework for Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment and Batteries for Ontario, Canada
25Feb Blog
The dumping of Canadian wastes in the Philippines is immoral and illegal
12Feb Blog
HEJSupport Co-Director, Olga Speranskaya, was interviewed by the Canadian TV Power Play to discuss the issue of Canadian waste rotting in the Philippines
7Feb Blog
Sound e-waste management in Canada: is there a room for improvement?
15Dec Blog
The Basel Convention: NGOs advocate for the global efforts to address plastics pollution
15Dec Blog
Canada’s Strategy on Zero Waste Plastic
1Dec Blog
UNEP interview with HEJSupport Co-Director Olga Speranskaya
30Oct Blog