Time to ensure the EU is on the path to a toxic-free environment

Time to ensure the EU is on the path to a toxic-free environment


HEJSupport joined a group of NGOs in drafting and sending a letter to the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen. In the letter NGOs welcome the European Commission’s commitment to a future-proof and ambitious Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) that ensures health, environmental and economic resilience, and a toxic-free environment.

NGOs require the Commission to commit to the following:

● speeding up chemicals control to detoxify the planet and reduce exposure levels, especially to
very persistent and very mobile substances, developmental neurotoxic and immunotoxic substances,
endocrine disruptors, and nanomaterials as well as stopping regulatory delays,
● ensuring coherence and mutual reinforcement of the regulatory framework,
● boosting toxic-free innovation and avoiding regrettable substitution,
● simplifying and reducing the burdens for the authorities to regulate harmful chemicals, while
making their work more effective,
● limiting impact assessments to duly justified cases while applying the precautionary principle in
the case of substances with harmful properties and widespread exposure. The CSS must contribute
to achieving the European Green Deal’s objectives, including its Green Oath, and consider the
‘costs of inaction’,
● applying the polluter pays principle to ensure a healthy democracy,
● demanding transparency – full disclosure of which chemicals are used, starting with the products
that are aimed at the most vulnerable, our children – which chemicals are used in toys and other
products for kids,
● promoting protective and strict regulation measures outside of EU borders by pushing for
effective and financially sustained global chemical policies and conventions.

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Written by Olga Speranskaya