For a plastic and toxic-free future!

For a plastic and toxic-free future!


The first issue of HEJYouth’s international magazine highlights the global plastic pollution crisis, the Canadian case, scientist’s opinion and plastic in the ocean.

The young and motivated members of the HEJYouth team share their vision on how people can live with less plastic and also buy less plastic. That means, for instance, avoiding plastic bottles by using glass water bottles. There are many other good alternatives to use, like reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags or glass containers instead of plastic ones.

Read inspiring articles written by young activists from around the world. HEJYouth magazine is an empowering platform for youth and communities around the world to connect, share their stories, work and voice their opinions.

Check out this link: HEJYouth Magazine Issue 1.pdf – Google Drive

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Written by Olga Speranskaya