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Submission to the EU Commission on EDCs in Food Contact Materials
5Mar EDCs
Bilanz des Textilbündnis und der Fortschrittsberichte der Unternehmen (2023)
5Mar Blog
Дискуссия по вопросам пластикового загрязнения
NGOs recommendations for a successful German Circular Economy Strategy
29Nov Blog
New Podcast “Building a world without toxins – Real life stories” launched
24Nov Featured
Comments on the zero draft High-Level Declaration from A Group of NGOs
25Sep Featured
Comments on the Non-paper on Strategic Objectives and Targets for the fourth meeting of the intersessional process of the beyond 2020 instrument on chemicals and waste
4Sep Featured
Information paper on Global Cross-sectoral Transparency System for ICCM5
1Sep Featured
Globally harmonized requirements for transparency and traceability of chemical information in plastic materials and products in the Plastic Treaty
30May Chemicals in Products