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Joint NGO letter to MEPs to vote for toxic-free toys
5Mar EDCs
Sign the petition for a Toxic-free Europe now!
29Feb Chemicals in Products
NGOs are concerned about the Product Environmental Footprint methodology by the EU Commission
25Oct Textiles
EU-Kommission verschiebt REACH Revison zu Gunsten der Chemieindustrie
17Oct Featured
NGO demand EU Member States to vote on toxic chemicals with a conscience
6Dec Featured
Toys should be fun and not toxic – Revision of the EU Toy Safety Directive
29Oct Chemicals in Products
Out now: NGO recommendations for the EU Strategy for Sustainable Textiles
16Jun Featured
Civil society calls upon the Commission to uphold ambition on SUP Directive
2Mar Plastics
EU Commission Roadmap on a sustainable textiles strategy
28Jan Featured
NGOs call on EU Environmental Ministers to Stop the Plastic Flood
16Dec Blog
EU Commission releases Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability
14Oct Featured
NEW position paper on EU EDC policy
23Sep EDCs
EU Promotes Greater Global Responsibility on Plastic Waste — But Not for Internal Market!
7Jul Featured
HEJSupport priorities for the EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability
22Jun Blog
NGOs demand enabling lasting solutions to the plastic crisis for a more resilient economy
28Apr Featured
HEJSupport contributed to the EU survey on EDCs
4Feb EDCs
REACH Committee should restrict lead stabilisers in PVC
14Nov Plastics
Chemical safety laws are failing in the EU, NGOs warn
8Nov Blog
REACH Committee should decide in favor of health and environment
16Sep Blog
HEJSupport submission to EU Roadmap on EDC Fitness Check
10Jul EDCs
EU Commission delays publication of chemicals fitness check outcome
24Jun Blog
Europe needs a Non-Toxic-Environment Strategy to protect us from Endocrine Disruptors
12Feb EDCs
27 NGOs urge EU member states to vote for health and environment protection
11Feb Chemicals in Products
POPs Regulation: 22 NGOs urge European Parliament to vote for better protection
15Nov Blog
New EU Communication on endocrine disruptors lacks concrete measures to reduce harmful exposures
7Nov EDCs