Sustainable Fashion – everything you need to know about your clothes

Sustainable Fashion – everything you need to know about your clothes

Chemicals in Products

Sustainable textiles get more and more in the focus of producers, consumers, and policy makers. However, regulations, labels and standards remain confusing for stakeholders and often it is not clear what activity is promising and sustainable and what is just greenwashing.

HEJSupport is launching a new on-line information resource on sustainability related topics in the textile and fashion industry that provides a platform for progressive voices willing to share their vision and ideas on different aspects of sustainability in the textile and garment industry. The website serves as a clearing-house for a broad spectrum of information focusing on regulations, standards and labeling, textile waste management and circularity, chemical ingredients of clothes, new materials and innovative approaches, social and gender equity, and more. Visitors of the website, and especially consumers, will also benefit from the “Questions and Answers” section where they will find information about the chemicals in clothing or the validity of labels.

The website Sustainable Fashion – Everything you want to know about the sustainability of the textile and fashion industry ( is part of our ongoing project entitled “Textiles: Creating a resilience -– for consumers and producers” .

If you are working in the textile and fashion sector, or if you want to know more about innovations, sustainability, human rights, and equity in the garment industry, please get in touch. We look forward to receiving information from you, and sharing your stories, expertise and expectations.


Health and Environment Justice Support (HEJSupport)

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Written by Olga Speranskaya