NGO comments on plastics recyclability and registry in Canada

NGO comments on plastics recyclability and registry in Canada


HEJSupport is part of nine environmental groups providing a response to the consultation papers entitled  “Towards Canada-wide rules to strengthen recycling and composting of plastics through accurate labelling” and “A proposed federal plastics registry for producers of plastic products.” The response was sent to the Director of Plastics Regulatory Affairs Division Environment and Climate Change Canada.

NGOs believe that due to the presence of toxic additives in plastic products and waste, not all recycled plastic can be used to produce things like food packaging or toys since the chemicals in the recyclate can contaminate the new products. Hazardous chemicals like bisphenols, brominated flame retardants, phthalates, and persistent organic pollutants are found in plastic pellets worldwide. We urge the government to ensure that only toxic-free recyclates are available for new products that come in direct contact with people to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals leaching from such products. A label stating a product or packaging is recyclable should only belong on materials that do not contain toxic additives.

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Written by Olga Speranskaya