Women and Chemicals
Women’s Working Group Statement at INC 3 on Plastic Pollution
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Women Leaders and the Importance of Fostering Women Leadership
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Women and Chemicals Session at the Tomorrow without Toxics Conference
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New UN Human Rights Report on Toxic Plastics
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Women and Chemicals
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Sustainable Fashion – everything you need to know about your clothes
1Jul Chemicals in Products
Changing the way we use chemicals: what women should know to protect themselves
19Jun Chemicals in Products
New on-line course on SAICM Issues of Concern
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Take Action Against J&J to Protect Women’s Health Globally
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New Fact Sheet: Gender mainstreaming in chemicals and waste policies
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Women and Mercury: new approaches to minimize mercury exposure
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Webinar Invitation Women and Mercury: new ideas how to reduce the risk for women
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How international bodies address women and chemicals
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Join our new Women and Chemicals Webinar Series
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The developing fetus can be affected by the chemicals to which the mother is exposed
26Mar EDCs
Webinar “Plastic- and Toxic-free Menstruation Products”
6Dec Chemicals in Products
Plastic and Toxic Free Period Project
9Sep Blog
Launch www.ptfperiod.info
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FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTS: Why you do not need to be silent
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Will women waste pickers benefit from a new UN deal on plastic waste trade?
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Open Online Course on Gender and Environment
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Plastic and Toxic Free Period
26Apr Chemicals in Products
What conventional stores tell you about feminine hygiene products?
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IPEN film honors women in the network, including HEJSupport directors
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HEJSupport stands for all women and girls globally to achieve gender equality, environmental and health justice
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Protecting the Health of Women, Children and Future Generations
5Nov GFC
Fighting global plastic pollution: What difference can women make?
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Together for toxic- and plastic free periods
19May Plastics
Women and Environments International Magazine
11Dec Women and Chemicals