Decoding Green Practices in Product Communication
7Mar Chemicals in Products
Bilanz des Textilbündnis und der Fortschrittsberichte der Unternehmen (2023)
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New Podcast “Building a world without toxins – Real life stories” launched
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Bilanz der Vertreter*innen der Zivilgesellschaft im Textilbündnis nach einem Jahr Ampelkoalition
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Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information
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NGOs are concerned about the Product Environmental Footprint methodology by the EU Commission
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NGOs seek answers from ECHA on nanomaterials in products
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Wie gut sind Unternehmen im Textilbündnis wenn es um Umwelt und Menschenrechte geht?
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New UN Human Rights Report on Toxic Plastics
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NGOs urge Canada to complete the assessment of PFAS in one year
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Sustainable Fashion – everything you need to know about your clothes
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Out now: NGO recommendations for the EU Strategy for Sustainable Textiles
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Creative Economy and the Challenge of Sustainability: The Case of Fashion and Life Cycle Assessment
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Products in our home: a hidden health threat
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EU Commission Roadmap on a sustainable textiles strategy
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The Importance of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Fashion Industry
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No Small Issue: The Problem with Microplastics in Fashion
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Cancelled or suspended orders: how COVID-19 exposes global inequality in the fashion industry
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Harmful lifecycle of textile industry
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Reducing your environmental impact can be both fashionable and affordable
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New Report: Sustainable Fashion? How companies provide sustainability information to consumers
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Webinar Summary “Sustainable Fashion? How companies provide sustainability information to consumers”
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Webinar “Sustainable Fashion? How companies provide sustainability information to consumers”
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The Sustainability of Fashion: what role can consumers play?
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Welche Rolle spielt die Textilindustrie bei der Verschmutzung von Flüssen?
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