Main outcomes of INC 4 on Plastics Treaty
6May Chemicals in Products
Significant tensions between countries in the plastic negotiations
27Apr Featured
First Day of Plastics Treaty Negotiations Reveals Key Contradictions Between Countries
24Apr Featured
Plastic chemicals and the right-to-know principle are the key areas to be addressed for an effective Plastics Treaty
6Apr Featured
Decoding Green Practices in Product Communication
7Mar Chemicals in Products
31Jan Featured
A summary of what happened in Nairobi in the plastics negotiations
21Nov Featured
Women’s Working Group Statement at INC 3 on Plastic Pollution
17Nov Featured
Globales Plastik-Abkommen
16Nov Plastics
Transparency and Traceability Intervention at INC3 of the Plastic Treaty
16Nov Featured
Итоги второго раунда переговоров по решению проблем пластикового загрязнения
Results of the second round of negotiations to address the problems of plastic pollution
4Jun Featured
How are the negotiations on plastic progressing?
1Jun Featured
Globally harmonized requirements for transparency and traceability of chemical information in plastic materials and products in the Plastic Treaty
30May Chemicals in Products
The second round of Plastic Treaty negotiations started with an NGO protest
30May Featured
Potential options for elements towards an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution
26Apr Chemicals in Products
Exit Plastik Event: Plastic in the German Circular Economy Strategy
9Mar Featured
Expand the Single-Use Plastics Ban
16Feb Featured
Transparency of chemical information in materials and products is a foundation stone for a well-functioning plastic treaty
1Feb Featured
Основные моменты переговоров по пластику и возможные решения
Highlights of the first plastic treaty negotiations and possible solutions
6Dec Featured
The first results of the talks on plastics
1Dec Featured
Canada’s voice: towards an ambitious new legally binding global agreement on plastic pollution
31Oct Chemicals in Products
NGOs call on Canada to support binding transparency requirements for chemicals in plastics at the national level and globally
27Oct Featured
Global Plastics Treaty – transparency requirement for chemical constituents in plastic is a must
20Oct Featured
NGO comments on plastics recyclability and registry in Canada
8Oct Featured
Chemical transparency is an essential tool to increase the effectiveness of the Basel Convention
12Jun Chemicals in Products
Mandatory Transparency Standard for Chemicals in Plastic Materials and Waste
31May Chemicals in Products
Обсуждение основных положений нового глобального договора по пластику
Plastic Treaty Coalition Discussed the Priority Themes for the Future Plastic Treaty
30Apr Chemicals in Products
Возможность поддержать глобальный договор по пластику
Ending plastic pollution – a call to action
8Feb Blog
NGO demand EU Member States to vote on toxic chemicals with a conscience
6Dec Featured
Sign on: Call for a Global Treaty on Plastic
30Oct Featured
New UN Human Rights Report on Toxic Plastics
17Sep Blog
NGOs urge Canada to complete the assessment of PFAS in one year
21Jul Chemicals in Products
Environmental groups calling on Big Plastic to drop its lawsuit against Canadian government this Plastic-Free July
15Jul Featured
Sustainable Fashion – everything you need to know about your clothes
1Jul Chemicals in Products
15Jun Blog
For a plastic and toxic-free future!
7Jun Featured
New Blue Box program put business interests ahead of protecting the environment
3Jun Blog
Canada needs to support the global treaty on plastic pollution
19May Blog
Regulatory Actions to Plastic Pollution in Canada closer with addition of “Plastic Manufactured Items” to CEPA Toxic Substances List
12May Blog
Comments to Canada’s approach towards the work on addressing plastic pollution
28Apr Blog
Free trade of non-hazardous waste between US and Canada negatively impacts the environment, health and human rights
21Apr Blog
Conference on Plastic Pollution in the Great Lakes
19Mar Blog
Civil society calls upon the Commission to uphold ambition on SUP Directive
2Mar Plastics
Products in our home: a hidden health threat
2Mar Chemicals in Products
NGO Submission to the UNEA Leadership Dialogue
19Feb Blog
Why does the issue of e-waste continue to be a global challenge despite international efforts to address it?
18Feb Blog
NGOs call on Canada to address plastic pollution
12Feb Blog
New on-line course on SAICM Issues of Concern
21Dec Blog
NGOs call on EU Environmental Ministers to Stop the Plastic Flood
16Dec Blog
NGOs call on Canada to eliminate all non-essential plastic products and materials
10Dec Blog
NGOs urge Ontario province in Canada to adopt a regulation that supports non-toxic circular economy
6Dec Blog
NGOs call on Prime Minister Trudeau to end plastic pollution in Canada
5Dec Blog
NGOs request Canada to complete the ratification of the Basel Convention Plastic Waste amendments
3Dec Blog
Offener Brief fordert von Umweltministerin Schulze entschiedenes Handeln gegen Plastikmüll während der EU-Ratspräsidentschaft
20Nov Plastics
Toxic Additives in Plastics: Hidden Health Hazards Linked to Common Plastic Products
30Sep Blog
Responding to Basel Convention on Plastic Waste Amendments and Canada-US Arrangement on the trade of Plastic Waste
30Sep Blog
28Sep Chemicals in Products
Report OEWG-12 Basel Convention – Reduce plastic waste trade
9Sep Featured
No Small Issue: The Problem with Microplastics in Fashion
27Aug Featured
Canada and Turkey risk being dumping ground for plastic waste
22Jul Blog
EU Promotes Greater Global Responsibility on Plastic Waste — But Not for Internal Market!
7Jul Featured
NGOs urge Canada to support other countries to stop toxic recycling
25May Blog
NGOs demand enabling lasting solutions to the plastic crisis for a more resilient economy
28Apr Featured
Happy Earth Day
22Apr Featured
Consumer pressure must continue to ensure real industry change
6Apr Featured
NGO response to the Draft Science Assessment of Plastic Pollution
1Apr Chemicals in Products
Lack of innovation in domestic recycling programs makes Canada request more time to enact ban on shipping plastic waste
20Mar Featured
Urgent need to reduce plastic pollution triggered Ottawa’s decision to declare plastic as toxic substance
15Mar Featured
To Clean Up Canada’s Recycling Act, End a Zombie Chemical Policy
5Mar Chemicals in Products
Draft Science Assessment for Plastic Pollution
26Feb Blog
Wege aus der Plastikkrise: Forderungskatalog an die Bundesregierung
5Feb Featured
Pressemitteilung: Deutsche NGOs fordern Wege aus der Plastikkrise
5Feb Featured
REACH Committee should restrict lead stabilisers in PVC
14Nov Plastics
Plastic and Toxic Free Period
26Apr Chemicals in Products
The Basel Convention: NGOs advocate for the global efforts to address plastics pollution
15Dec Blog
Fighting global plastic pollution: What difference can women make?
12Oct Plastics
Together for toxic- and plastic free periods
19May Plastics