Submission to the EU Commission on EDCs in Food Contact Materials
5Mar EDCs
Joint NGO letter to MEPs to vote for toxic-free toys
5Mar EDCs
Germany published five-point plan on EDCs
1Dec EDCs
First Map of Canadian Airports and Military Bases Contaminated by PFAS ‘Forever Chemicals’
23Mar EDCs
Online event: Why we need an EDC action plan in Germany
9Mar EDCs
The way toward a global solution to the identification of EDCs
27Sep EDCs
The PFAS problem, the ‘Forever Chemicals’, is not on the public radar in Canada. But it should be.
20Nov Blog
NGO Comments on the draft of Canada’s Great Lakes Strategy for PFOS, PFOA and LC-PFCAs Risk Management
27May Blog
The problem of endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure during the COVID-19 pandemic
13Feb EDCs
New on-line course on SAICM Issues of Concern
21Dec Blog
Toxic Additives in Plastics: Hidden Health Hazards Linked to Common Plastic Products
30Sep Blog
NEW position paper on EU EDC policy
23Sep EDCs
The developing fetus can be affected by the chemicals to which the mother is exposed
26Mar EDCs
Don’t miss the deadline – Have your say on the EU legislation
2Mar EDCs
HEJSupport contributed to the EU survey on EDCs
4Feb EDCs
HEJSupport submission to EU Roadmap on EDC Fitness Check
10Jul EDCs
Europe needs a Non-Toxic-Environment Strategy to protect us from Endocrine Disruptors
12Feb EDCs
New EU Communication on endocrine disruptors lacks concrete measures to reduce harmful exposures
7Nov EDCs
EU Roadmap on EDCs does not emphasize exposure reduction
18Jul EDCs
EU pesticides committee votes for flawed EDC criteria
4Jul EDCs
Further delay on EDC criteria maintains risks on health and environment
19May EDCs