Chemicals in Products
Globally harmonized requirements for transparency and traceability of chemical information in plastic materials and products in the Plastic Treaty
30May Chemicals in Products
Potential options for elements towards an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution
26Apr Chemicals in Products
Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information
13Dec Chemicals in Products
Canada’s voice: towards an ambitious new legally binding global agreement on plastic pollution
31Oct Chemicals in Products
Chemical transparency is an essential tool to increase the effectiveness of the Basel Convention
12Jun Chemicals in Products
Global minimum transparency standard (GMTS) for hazardous chemicals in products – A tool for the protection of human health and the environment from toxic exposure
12Jun Chemicals in Products
Mandatory Transparency Standard for Chemicals in Plastic Materials and Waste
31May Chemicals in Products
Plastic Treaty Coalition Discussed the Priority Themes for the Future Plastic Treaty
30Apr Chemicals in Products
Global Minimum Transparency Standard (GMTS) for hazardous chemicals in products – a tool for the protection of human health and the environment
14Mar Chemicals in Products
Join our hybrid UNEA Side Event: The Global Minimum Transparency Standard for hazardous chemicals in products
24Feb Chemicals in Products
Chemicals and waste issues at UNEA 5.2
8Feb Blog
The PFAS problem, the ‘Forever Chemicals’, is not on the public radar in Canada. But it should be.
20Nov Blog
Session on Global Minimum Transparency Standard at “Tomorrow without Toxics” Conference
19Nov Chemicals in Products
Toys should be fun and not toxic – Revision of the EU Toy Safety Directive
29Oct Chemicals in Products
NGOs urge Canada to complete the assessment of PFAS in one year
21Jul Chemicals in Products
Chemicals in Products Community of Practice 2021: discussion on chemicals in toys
5Jul Blog
Sustainable Fashion – everything you need to know about your clothes
1Jul Chemicals in Products
Changing the way we use chemicals: what women should know to protect themselves
19Jun Chemicals in Products
NGO Comments on the draft of Canada’s Great Lakes Strategy for PFOS, PFOA and LC-PFCAs Risk Management
27May Blog
On-Line courses on SAICM in Russian
11Mar Blog
Products in our home: a hidden health threat
2Mar Chemicals in Products
Why does the issue of e-waste continue to be a global challenge despite international efforts to address it?
18Feb Blog
New on-line course on SAICM Issues of Concern
21Dec Blog
NGOs call on Canada to eliminate all non-essential plastic products and materials
10Dec Blog
Toxic Additives in Plastics: Hidden Health Hazards Linked to Common Plastic Products
30Sep Blog
28Sep Chemicals in Products
NGOs urge Canada to support other countries to stop toxic recycling
25May Blog
NGO submission to UNEA5 presidency
13May Blog
Canada responded to NGO request to stop the recycling of products with globally banned toxic flame retardants
30Apr Blog
NGO response to the Draft Science Assessment of Plastic Pollution
1Apr Chemicals in Products
To Clean Up Canada’s Recycling Act, End a Zombie Chemical Policy
5Mar Chemicals in Products
Media Release: NGOs urge the Canadian government to stop the recycling of products with globally banned toxic flame retardants
29Jan Chemicals in Products
Webinar “Plastic- and Toxic-free Menstruation Products”
6Dec Chemicals in Products
What we need from a chemicals in products database
11Nov Chemicals in Products
Publication: Guidance to the Chemicals in Products (CiP) Programme for NGOs
10Nov Chemicals in Products
Ban Lead in Paints
10Oct Chemicals in Products
The Sustainability of Fashion: what role can consumers play?
19Jun Chemicals in Products
Plastic and Toxic Free Period
26Apr Chemicals in Products
27 NGOs urge EU member states to vote for health and environment protection
11Feb Chemicals in Products
Welche Rolle spielt die Textilindustrie bei der Verschmutzung von Flüssen?
7Jan Chemicals in Products
Will EU MEPs allow the violation of the Stockholm Convention?
5Oct Chemicals in Products
Three EECCA countries are taking steps forward to ban plastic products
4Oct Chemicals in Products
Fragrance chemicals harm human health – consumer should know about them
26Sep Chemicals in Products
EU Parliament should vote against toxic recycling
12Sep Chemicals in Products
New Article in HazMat Magazin: Recycling end-of-life materials may be perpetuating toxic chemicals in new products
9May Chemicals in Products