Bilanz des Textilbündnis und der Fortschrittsberichte der Unternehmen (2023)
5Mar Blog
NGOs recommendations for a successful German Circular Economy Strategy
29Nov Blog
NGOs fordern Ablehnung des bayerischen Antrags zur PFAS-Regulierung
12Sep Blog
Letter to EU Commission president to participate in PFAS testing
30Jun Blog
Chemiepolitische Mittagstalks 2023 – Giftfreie Zukunft für alle
19May Blog
Keine Verzögerung der REACH Revision
27Mar Blog
Important Decisions of the 2022 Conference of the Parties to the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm Conventions
2Jul Blog
Ending plastic pollution – a call to action
8Feb Blog
Chemicals and waste issues at UNEA 5.2
8Feb Blog
The PFAS problem, the ‘Forever Chemicals’, is not on the public radar in Canada. But it should be.
20Nov Blog
The UN Human Rights Council recognized the right to a #HealthyEnvironmentForAll!
11Oct Blog
New UN Human Rights Report on Toxic Plastics
17Sep Blog
Policy Instruments on Product Lifetime Extension
3Aug Blog
Chemicals in Products Community of Practice 2021: discussion on chemicals in toys
5Jul Blog
15Jun Blog
New Blue Box program put business interests ahead of protecting the environment
3Jun Blog
Canadian Environmental Protection Act needs to be updated to better protect human health and the environment from current toxic threats
28May Blog
NGO Comments on the draft of Canada’s Great Lakes Strategy for PFOS, PFOA and LC-PFCAs Risk Management
27May Blog
Canada needs to support the global treaty on plastic pollution
19May Blog
Regulatory Actions to Plastic Pollution in Canada closer with addition of “Plastic Manufactured Items” to CEPA Toxic Substances List
12May Blog
Comments to Canada’s approach towards the work on addressing plastic pollution
28Apr Blog
Free trade of non-hazardous waste between US and Canada negatively impacts the environment, health and human rights
21Apr Blog
Global sound management of chemicals and waste: outcomes of the virtual group discussion and way forward
7Apr Blog
NGO response to the Recommendations for continuing SAICM and a preparatory process for the postponed IP4 and ICCM5
31Mar Blog
Loopholes in state control over safe handling of pesticides and agrochemicals in Russia
28Mar Blog
NGO comments to the Regulation for Hazardous and Special Products
28Mar Blog
Highly Hazardous Pesticides in EECCA countries and agroecology
20Mar Blog
Conference on Plastic Pollution in the Great Lakes
19Mar Blog
On-Line courses on SAICM in Russian
11Mar Blog
NGO Submission to the UNEA Leadership Dialogue
19Feb Blog
Why does the issue of e-waste continue to be a global challenge despite international efforts to address it?
18Feb Blog
NGOs call on Canada to address plastic pollution
12Feb Blog
NGO Submissions on the draft High Level Declaration
19Jan Blog
EU Commission commits in answer to NGO letter to end export of EU banned pesticides
19Jan Blog
NGO submissions to SAICM Virtual Working Groups
18Jan Blog
New on-line course on SAICM Issues of Concern
21Dec Blog
NGOs call on EU Environmental Ministers to Stop the Plastic Flood
16Dec Blog
NGOs call on Canada to eliminate all non-essential plastic products and materials
10Dec Blog
NGOs urge Ontario province in Canada to adopt a regulation that supports non-toxic circular economy
6Dec Blog
NGOs call on Prime Minister Trudeau to end plastic pollution in Canada
5Dec Blog
NGOs request Canada to complete the ratification of the Basel Convention Plastic Waste amendments
3Dec Blog
Time to ensure the EU is on the path to a toxic-free environment
13Oct Blog
Bundesregierung darf Chemikalienpolitik nicht auf dem Abstellgleis parken
5Oct Blog
Toxic Additives in Plastics: Hidden Health Hazards Linked to Common Plastic Products
30Sep Blog
Responding to Basel Convention on Plastic Waste Amendments and Canada-US Arrangement on the trade of Plastic Waste
30Sep Blog
Ontario–Recycling is the Last Resort
24Aug Blog
Transitioning the Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste Program to Full Extended Producer Responsibility
8Aug Blog
Canada and Turkey risk being dumping ground for plastic waste
22Jul Blog
HEJSupport priorities for the EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability
22Jun Blog
Options to continue the negotiations on the Strategic Approach and sound management of chemicals and waste beyond 2020
7Jun Blog
NGOs urge Canada to support other countries to stop toxic recycling
25May Blog
NGO submission to UNEA5 presidency
13May Blog
Canada responded to NGO request to stop the recycling of products with globally banned toxic flame retardants
30Apr Blog
Even chemicals subject to extensive regulations can become dangerous if obtained through illegal distribution
14Apr Blog
Draft Science Assessment for Plastic Pollution
26Feb Blog
Stakeholder workshop on strengthening governance for the sound management of chemicals and waste beyond 2020
18Jan Blog
NGO Comments on EU Draft PFOA Law
9Dec Blog
Chemical safety laws are failing in the EU, NGOs warn
8Nov Blog
New report out: The illegal trade in chemicals and pesticides
26Sep Blog
SAICM needs a new mechanism for action
18Sep Blog
REACH Committee should decide in favor of health and environment
16Sep Blog
Plastic and Toxic Free Period Project
9Sep Blog
NGO comments to Ontario Regulations for Recycling of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and Batteries under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act (RRCEA)
27Jun Blog
EU Commission delays publication of chemicals fitness check outcome
24Jun Blog
11Jun Blog
Jetzt Amalgam-Verbot beschließen
7Jun Blog
It is time to end toxic recycling: Canada global position to abandon recycling exemption needed for a safe circular economy
30Apr Blog
Withdrawing the Stockholm Convention recycling exemptions for TetraBDE, PentaBDE, HexaBDE and HeptaBDE
23Apr Blog
23Apr Blog
Letter from HEJSupport and CELA to Canadian government/Focal points of the Stockholm Convention: Withdrawing the Stockholm Convention recycling exemptions for TetraBDE, PentaBDE, HexaBDE and HeptaBDE
16Apr Blog
Toxic Chemicals Found in Canadian Toys & Consumer Products Made of Recycled Plastics
16Apr Blog
How we’re engaging with you: NGOs discuss different engagement approaches with government of Canada
26Mar Blog
NGO comments on the Proposed Producer Responsibility Framework for Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment and Batteries for Ontario, Canada
25Feb Blog
The dumping of Canadian wastes in the Philippines is immoral and illegal
12Feb Blog
HEJSupport Co-Director, Olga Speranskaya, was interviewed by the Canadian TV Power Play to discuss the issue of Canadian waste rotting in the Philippines
7Feb Blog
HEJSupport at North American consultation on “Innovations for Addressing the Single-Use Plastics Challenge”
7Feb Blog
Sound e-waste management in Canada: is there a room for improvement?
15Dec Blog
The Basel Convention: NGOs advocate for the global efforts to address plastics pollution
15Dec Blog
Canada’s Strategy on Zero Waste Plastic
1Dec Blog
POPs Regulation: 22 NGOs urge European Parliament to vote for better protection
15Nov Blog
HEJSupport joins Citizens for Science in EU Pesticide Regulation
5Nov Blog
UNEP interview with HEJSupport Co-Director Olga Speranskaya
30Oct Blog
Cooperation between HEJSupport and CES to strengthen environmental journalism in Belarus
17Oct Blog
Squirrels in the city exposed to pesticides: It´s a hard life
12Oct Blog
Methyl-parathion had not met all the criteria for listing under the Rotterdam Convention. Are you serious?
20Sep Blog
New Article: Toxic chemicals threaten current and future generations
21Dec Blog
Human rights issues at UNEA3
19Dec Blog
What happened at UNEA 3?
13Dec Blog
Quebec flood: hidden consequences
17Jul Blog
Joint letter: EU keep the promise, eliminate POPs
28Mar Blog
Medien berichten über AMR durch Umweltverschmutzung
19Oct Blog